Reclaim Gift Aid the simple way with GiftAider™

We now offer four very different versions of GiftAider – Manual, Pro, Enterprise & Agent

GiftAider™ is now available in 4 varieties Small, Pro, Enterprise and Agent.  GiftAider™ is small is for charities with no current system in place allowing manual entry, GiftAider™ Pro works alongside your current system, GiftAider™ Enterprise is if you require multi user and proxy web access, and finally GiftAider™ Agent is for collection agencies and nominess.

Each version of GiftAider™ comes with an easy to follow set up wizard as well as a short instrucution manual. The cost for GiftAider™ starts from as little as £29.99 + VAT. For further information go to

GiftAider&trade Small is aimed at those that do not have a donation system in place to import from. Further information can be found here

GiftAider Pro is for those with a donation system in place, or an existing spreadsheet from which you can export from and import straight into GiftAider. Within a few clicks your claim would have been submitted to HMRC.

GiftAider Agent is designed to support collection agencies and nominees to manage their GiftAid claims to HMRC We have a version of GiftAider to suit everyone!

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