Gift Aid made easy

Quick, easy, accurate digital submissions

Process your data with the built-in CRM, submit your claim, receive donations quickly.

Auto-error checker pre-validation

Errors are spotted, highlighted and fixed to prevent submissions and your donations being held up.

HMRC-recognised software

Trust in our cloud-based system. We’re a recognised HMRC commercial software supplier.

Faster tax claims

Submit when you like – daily, weekly, monthly, or straight after a fundraiser. No hassle, no hold-ups.

Claim tax back at the touch of a button

Import, Validate, Submit, Collect

GiftAider is the easy route to simple, hassle-free, accurate Gift Aid claims, saving you time whilst delivering your donations more quickly.

It’s been developed with charities in mind, who need their Gift Aid submissions to be easier, quicker, simpler, and a task that isn’t dreaded!

Donations are the lifeblood of any charity and GiftAider means donations can be regularly collected using specially-developed, trusted, HMRC-recognised cloud software.

Our package of CRM plus submission software means everything you need is in one place – manageable, trackable, efficient.

If Gift Aid is a headache and donations are delayed, speak to us about how GiftAider can simplify your charity’s paperwork and improve your cashflow.

Recognised by HMRC Charities Online – software from commercial suppliers


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Meet the charities who now breeze through Gift Aid

GiftAider gives the gifts of time, efficiency and accuracy.

Charity shop with neatly organized clothes and accessories, showcasing the vibrant community support facilitated by GiftAider for efficient Gift Aid claims.
Charity shop donations simplified & income increased

Tenovus Cancer Care’s 59 shops generated multiple Gift Aid donations – GiftAider simplified the process to reduce human input and increase claim efficiency.

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Close-up of an astronaut suit on display, symbolizing the innovative and exploratory support provided by GiftAider to educational and scientific institutions.
Faster high-volume Gift Aid submissions

The Science Museum claims a high volume of Gift Aid donations – now more staff can easily submit more, faster.

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Close-up of beautiful purple wisteria flowers against a clear blue sky, symbolizing the growth and flourishing support that GiftAider provides to charitable organizations.
Huge time savings for tourism charity

Wimborne Model Town & Gardens’ staff are getting on with other jobs for the charity now that Gift Aid claims are easier and quicker.

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A craftsman working with machinery, symbolizing GiftAider's support for vocational training programs through optimized Gift Aid claims.
Gift aid received more quickly

The Beamish Museum claims Gift Aid on donations, ticket sales and events. GiftAider is helping to boost its income with quick and easy claims.

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Children in a classroom, representing the educational support facilitated by GiftAider through efficient Gift Aid management.
Less admin, more time for charity work

Magic Breakfast is now able to manage Gift Aid claims from fundraising events and donations much more quickly. Staff time saved, income increased.

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More than a GiftAid claim

GiftAider Online is on a journey of evolution, adapting alongside our users to cater to their needs. Today, it stands as a reliable Gift Aid claim solution; tomorrow, we add intelligent reporting, communication tools and custom donation funnels.

At a glance, where you are and what’s next

Anytime submissions

Submit your claims any time of the day or night, any day of the year

Pre-validation checks

Errors are spotted, avoiding hold-ups in your claims

HMRC integration

A smooth process to let HMRC know what your claim is

Encrypted software

Data is safe, secure and protected to an extremely high standard

Here to help

Just get in touch if you need a hand. We’re here to help.

What our subscribers say

Read how GiftAider has made a difference for our clients. Their stories show how GiftAider makes managing Gift Aid claims quicker and easier, helping their donations to go further. Also discover our Success Stories.

Friends of Cathedral Music

“Friends of Cathedral Music has successfully used GiftAider for the last five years.

We’ve had occasional queries on the software and HMRC’s systems. GiftAider seem to maintain excellent working relationships with HMRC and aided by this, any issue we’ve raised has always been resolved promptly – usually within a day.

The software is regularly updated, both to keep up with changes in Gift Aid procedures and improve user convenience, and we’re very satisfied users.”


Beamish Museum

“We have used GiftAider to submit electronically our Gift Aid claims for a number of years.

The software is very flexible and very efficient in uploading high volume transactions from both our epos and online systems that we use to capture the Gift Aid details.

The technical support have been very helpful and supportive in the install and configuration of the software. We would have no hesitation in recommending GiftAider.”


Wimborne Model Town

We had a very good year last year and your software has saved so much time in processing Gift Aid Claims.

Very happy to renew our subscription.


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