Our Mission & Vision

We’re software developers, who realised that charities were having a harder time than they should submitting Gift Aid claims.
Too much time and effort, too many people involved and far too many rejected claim submissions were holding up Gift Aid payments.

We set out to change this, to make ‘submission time’ hassle-free, easier and simpler – a task that’s easily ticked off the list rather than dreaded.
And with the CRM included with all of our GiftAider subscriptions, all of your donor records, claims and communications are in the same place.
Easy to find, easy to use, easy to bring together.

Charities rely on the money they generate – and Gift Aid donations make such a difference, but not if they are hard to claim or take a long time to arrive.
Cashflow is so important – GiftAider helps to speed up the time it takes to claim your Gift Aid and boost the bank balance.

We developed GiftAider to give charities a way of processing quick and easy Gift Aid submissions.
Easy data input, useful validation process, quick submission and a speedy claim.

GiftAider was developed by our software arm, SMXi Software, in response to Making Tax Digital.

Realising that charities would need to submit digital submissions, we developed the software to provide this capability, with built-in CRM to keep data and submissions all in one place and streamline donation management.

Our experienced team set to work to create features to ensure submission could be made easily, with user-friendly technology that’s easy to follow, use and understand, to make Gift Aid submission hassle-free.

Who is SMXi Software?

SMXi Software is an experienced software development and solutions provider, known for crafting bespoke software that moulds seamlessly to business operations. With a rich legacy dating back to 1990, SMXi has been empowering organisations with specialised tools essential for their functionality.

The creation of GiftAider stands as a testament to SMXi’s commitment towards fostering community connections through innovative financial tools.