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The difference GiftAider makes

Clients who use GiftAider are saving time and effort, submitting easier, quicker and more accurate Gift Aid claims.
Their Gift Aid comes through more quickly and their cashflow is better.
Read our Success Stories to find out what a difference GiftAider makes.

Charity shop with neatly organized clothes and accessories, showcasing the vibrant community support facilitated by GiftAider for efficient Gift Aid claims.
Charity shop donations simplified & income increased

Tenovus Cancer Care’s 59 shops generated multiple Gift Aid donations – GiftAider simplified the process to reduce human input and increase claim efficiency.

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Close-up of an astronaut suit on display, symbolizing the innovative and exploratory support provided by GiftAider to educational and scientific institutions.
Faster high-volume Gift Aid submissions

The Science Museum claims a high volume of Gift Aid donations – now more staff can easily submit more, faster.

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Close-up of beautiful purple wisteria flowers against a clear blue sky, symbolizing the growth and flourishing support that GiftAider provides to charitable organizations.
Huge time savings for tourism charity

Wimborne Model Town & Gardens’ staff are getting on with other jobs for the charity now that Gift Aid claims are easier and quicker.

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A craftsman working with machinery, symbolizing GiftAider's support for vocational training programs through optimized Gift Aid claims.
Gift aid received more quickly

The Beamish Museum claims Gift Aid on donations, ticket sales and events. GiftAider is helping to boost its income with quick and easy claims.

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Children in a classroom, representing the educational support facilitated by GiftAider through efficient Gift Aid management.
Less admin, more time for charity work

Magic Breakfast is now able to manage Gift Aid claims from fundraising events and donations much more quickly. Staff time saved, income increased.

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