Charities Online

The new HMRC web-based system for claiming Gift Aid went live on 1st October. The aim of Charities Online is to make your claims quicker and easier. Your charity or Community Amateur Sports Club (CASC) can use Charities Online to claim Gift Aid tax repayments or tax back on other income, and top up payments under the Gift Aid Small Donations Scheme (GASDS).

In most cases, if you claim using the online service for a GASDS top up payment, you don’t need to attach a schedule spreadsheet to your claim. However if you are claiming GASDS on donations collected in a community building or your charity is connected to other charities, you do need to complete and attach the relevant schedule spreadsheet. You can read the full requirements here.

Our GiftAider software is very simple to use and manages the whole process whether you submit 1 or 500,000 donations at a time. As well as keeping the submission records for audit purposes it validates the data before uploading to HMRC to save time. If you would like to discuss how GiftAider can make a difference to your online submissions call us today on 020 7100 6010.