The Beamish Museum

Beamish Museum is unique – a superb living, working experience of life in the Great North offering unrivalled learning opportunities for people of all ages.

2010 marked a milestone in the story of Beamish, the North East’s very own living museum – its 40th birthday. Way back in 1970, the first two members of staff took up their duties and Beamish came into being.

In August that year, founder Director Frank Atkinson took up his full-time post and the three staff, along with many of the social history and industrial collections moved into Beamish Hall and Beamish was born. From the very first exhibition ‘Museum in the Making’ in 1971 to the Beamish we all know and love today, millions of visitors from throughout the world have passed through the gates.

Beamish took GiftAider on the one month trial but moved to the full version within 2 weeks. Stuart Shaw, Finance Manager for Beamish said “The software looks very good, and is easy to use and follow.”

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AMA Conference 2014

AMA Conference 2014