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Gift Aid claims are easier & quicker now they’re digital – with GiftAider


Wimborne Model Town & Gardens is a small tourist attraction in Dorset; a 1:10 scale replica of the town as it was in the 1950s.

Before using GiftAider, staff would manually upload Gift Aid claims – which often generated multiple non-submission notices due to formatting errors and other small inaccuracies.

The Need

Gift Aid claims were taking too long – the lengthy process, the endless error checking, and data in too many different places.
Staff were finding it arduous and too time-consuming, frustrated by how clunky it all was to submit claims

The Solution

Gift Aid claims at Wimborne Model Town & Gardens used to take staff a lot of time – both manually uploading them, but also in working through errors generated before submission.
GiftAider has changed the whole process, taking it from a long manual job, to an automated, quick and easy one.
Automated upload avoids the high numbers of submission errors and the time taken to work them out to re-submit.
It means the task is much easier for staff to undertake and they have the flexibility to submit claims as frequently as they wish. Much better for cashflow and income frequency.

Instead of spending time administering the Gift Aid claims, staff can now focus more on promoting the charity, growing awareness and increasing visitor numbers and income.
Staff time is now better spent – their return on investment has been clear to see.

Easier submissions

No more labour-intensive manual processing.

Pre-submission error checking

Automated error spotting removes time spent manually looking for errors.

Faster submissions

Automation has made a previously labour-intensive job, much quicker.

Return on investment

Software costs are massively offset by the administrative time savings staff make using GiftAider.

Better resourcing

Staff can spend more time on other jobs now that GiftAider has made submissions quicker and easier.

Data & reporting

Data is now digital – no paper files, which means auditing, reporting and processing is streamlined.


Everything is in one place – donor information, donations and records.