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Managing regular donations is easier and quicker with GiftAider


A priority for most charities is to make the most of their resources, squeezing out every last drop of time, effort and money.
Magic Breakfast needed to find a more efficient way of processing Gift Aid claims.

Magic Breakfast looked at the time it was taking to process Gift Aid claims and thought there must be a better way.
Problems with manual data uploads, pre-submission errors and the time taken to submit each claim was making the task too long.
GiftAider was able to magic away the hold-ups from the moment the very first claim submission was made. Digital data, error-spotting software and an easy-to-use system meant a previously arduous task became a quick and easy trick!

The Need

Magic Breakfast knew that once Gift Aid processing was sped up, they would make savings.
GiftAider meant staff were spending less time on the task of administering claims – diverting their time to more important areas of the charity’s work.
They very quickly realised that the cost of the software was worth it against time saved in staff admin.
With Gift Aid claims made quicker, higher volume donations would also be easier to manage – and with more time to spend on promoting events and raising awareness of the charity, donations were likely to increase.
They were ready to handle the increase in accompanying Gift Aid claims.

The Solution

Gift Aid claims are now processed quickly and with ease by staff, giving them more time to concentrate on other tasks.
GiftAider is easy to use, has sped up the claims submission process and is allowing staff resources to be used much more efficiently.
Claims can be done easily if there are a few to do or many after an event or fundraising campaign – which means income is generated more quickly too.

Cash flow

Donations are processed more quickly, boosting cashflow.

Time saving

Staff spend less time on Gift Aid claims and more time on the charity’s priorities.


The time saved by staff is worth the monthly fees of GiftAider.

Streamlined data

Data is all in one place – one system, less logins, less time cross-referencing.


The charity is in a better position to handle increased claims as it grows.

Hybrid working supported

Remote access means staff can log in from wherever they are.